Virtual Private Data Center

Customize Your Cloud with Maximum Security and Performance

Our Virtual Private Data Center Solution is designed to provide you with a dedicated set of resources in your own single-tenant, private cloud environment. Our virtual private data center is built upon an industry leading cloud platform which is VMware's vSphere Cloud Operating System.

Deploy a private cloud and let CubeXS Weatherly do all the delivery and management for you. With full vCenter access, you will be able to control and configure your private cloud environment while freeing up internal IT resources. CubeXS Weatherly has deep expertise in delivering, managing and protecting private clouds. So spend less time in managing your infrastructure and more time focusing on core business applications. With CubeXS Weatherly's Virtual Private Data Center, you know your private cloud is in good hands.

  • Eliminate downtime
  • Provision virtual machines on-demand
  • Lower costs
  • Control your cloud on your own dedicated servers

Best suited for organizations that need a robust private cloud.

  • VMware vSphere powered
  • Self-service, rapid provisioning
  • Choice of hardware
  • Completely customized