virtual Private network

IP and Managed Bandwidth:

CubeXS Weatherly offers Internet services to customers who require reliable transmission capacity over fiber, wireless or copper. Management of telecommunication links by our operations team allows end-to-end connectivity at different capacity levels to provide reliable, scalable and well-monitored Internet performance.


We have our ATM based DSL network in all major telephone exchanges in Karachi. Offering VPN connectivity to corporate businesses on public and private network to connect many locations so they can transfer information between them at a very low cost and at broadband speeds.

Wireless Services:

The freedom of wireless networks provides organizations with the advantages of Ethernet without the restrictions associated with traditional wiring. CubeXS Weatherly delivers a complete range of flexible, multi-standard wireless networking solutions for enterprises, service providers, small to large business organizations and homes. CubeXS Weatherly has extensive experience in wireless networks with extensive mapping of Karachi for usage of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.

Fiber Optics Solutions:

Fiber optics is playing a bigger role today due to network bandwidth needs. For long networking distances; usually beyond 5 kilometers, you may need to switch to fiber optics. However, being a more expensive alternative to copper, fiber optics is available in multi-mode form for shorter distances and single-mode form for longer distances.

Network Design, Implementation and Maintenance Services:

We can help you design and then support a network that you can grow into. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system or to install a new network, CubeXS Weatherly can work with you. We do participate in the designing of networks and Network Redundancy such as: LAN & WAN, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intranet, Internet and Extranet.