Historical Background

Weatherly Companies have served the needs of small to middle sized companies and their owners for generations. Its range of services is comprehensive. The company has expertise ranging from innovative high tech investment advice and financing to more traditional portfolio management. Weatherly Companies own a portfolio of operating companies including six alternative energy projects, as well as interests in 16 oil & gas fields and real estate. Weatherly Companies also owns stake in Haydrian Corporation, a risk management company specializing in Anti Money Laundering and Anti Fraud solutions for financial institutions. The following are the directors of Weatherly Companies:

  • Mr. Dell Keehn
  • Mr. Dr. Robert Heller
  • Mr. John Parkey
  • Mr. Martin Owen
  • Mr. Richard Gibbons (Advisor to the Board)
  • Mr. Thomas E. Cleveland

In 2006, the Weatherly Companies in partnership with Mr. Aly G. Ramzan established the first Tier IV complaint data center in Pakistan, CubeXS Weatherly (Private) Limited. The Datacenter was primarily built upon a viable business case for providing datacenter related services to a Fortune 500 telecommunication company. The facility was built on standards and specifications approved by this anchor client. Since inception many large local and global clients have also put their trust in CubeXS Weatherly services. These relationships have been reinforced through long-term contracts and round the clock services offered by our dedicated team of experts.

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Best hardware

CubeXS Weatherly (Private) Limited designed and built a hardened, Class "A", the first ever Tier IV compliant Data Center in Pakistan. We deliver managed services and solutions to our enterprise customers.


99.995% uptime

All CubeXS facilities are engineered to 99.995% service availability to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, environmental control and physical security.


Live support 24/7

CubeXS is proud of providing the best Customer Support. Our Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.