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CubeXS out of Weatherly (Private)Limited

Features of Data Center

Access Control

Electronic controlled access for building and facility 24/7. All access points in the data center are monitored by dedicated internal security, utilizing individual card swipes, access control and CCTV.

Physical Security

Our facility is protected by multiple layers of security including at building perimeter & facility access. This facility is secured by electronic locks, 24/7 onsite armed security personnel, monitored through CCTV and mandatory identity logging of all visitors.


Diverse fiber routing available with a fully established truncated internal cable network. Incorporating enclosed and protected Meet-Me room with multiple Fiber bandwidth and local loop delivery. Our site inventory database tracks all cables, circuits and cross-connections at all locations.

Site Electrical Power

We maintain multiple power distribution through Static Transfer Switches providing switchover in milliseconds.     Our data center is protected by redundant high-end UPS - 160kva each to power our hosted systems. The facility has multiple diesel generators 500kva each to provide power in the event of an extended loss of commercial power. The generators are configured to automatically start when they sense a loss of power from the local electric utility. CubeXS Weatherly data center has never experienced a downtime due to power outrage.

Environmental Controls

We utilize redundant industrial environmental conditioning units to control the environment of the data centers within strict guidelines of maintaining temperature and humidity. Backup generators power the units in the event of a commercial power failure, ensuring the environment is controlled even in an emergency.


CubeXS technicial staff monitors and controls 24/7 every system within the data center from the on-site control room .

Fire Protection

Our data center is protected by incorporating concrete floors, steel ceilings and steel framed racks. There is no inflammable material inside the data center area. Our data center is equipped with FM 200 fire suppression system. In order for the systems to activate, multiple cross-linked events must occur. These include detection by VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) smoke-heads and sensors located throughout the facility. Upon detection of the presence of fire or smoke in the data center, the detection and control panel will sound an alarm, shut down air handlers and then release the extinguishing agents localized at the event point. Our fire protection system causes no harm to the equipment or the environment.

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