CubeXS Weatherly (Private) Limited

CubeXS Weatherly (Private) Limited designed and built a hardened, Class ”A”, the first ever Tier IV compliant Data Center in Pakistan. We deliver managed services and solutions to our enterprise customers. All CubeXS facilities are engineered to 99.995% service availability to deliver highly reliable and scalable power, environmental control and physical security.

Our state-of-the-art Data Center is engineered to utilize fully redundant industrial diesel-powered generators, uninterruptible power supplies, custom designed power distribution units and truly redundant industrial grade air-cooled environment control plants, which provide highly available power and cooling system. Combined with physical and information security, the facility provides a highly secure and hardened environment that supports mission critical business services. It provides an ideal environment for co-location and DR site.

CubeXS Business Solutions division has expertise for infrastructure virtualization to help customers move away from the one server - one application paradigm and create a complete enterprise ready solution with optimum utilization of hardware, applications and software. We also focus on an optimized backup and recovery strategy that enables disaster recovery.

Our Public Cloud service is pragmatically positioned as a business-enabling platform that is part of a computing continuum, which offers comprehensive selection of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments to best fit the specific needs of your applications. Our Pay-As-You-Go model delivers a customized service with a flexible cost structure, no startup costs and no required term of commitment.

Our Private Cloud is a virtual, fully managed, encapsulated private cloud environment that can be installed at your data center or at the CubeXS facility.

CubeXS Cloud Storage allows secure storage on our Public Cloud and enables retrieval of data from anywhere with Internet connectivity. This also provides an ideal environment of DR and data replication.