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  • 1 TB
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  • 5 TB
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  • 10 TB
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  • 15 TB
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  • 20 TB
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One Time Setup Charges:

$25 included:

  • Client Access Software Utility (Desktop / Notebook)

Bandwidth Pricing:

Bandwidth for your Cloud Storage is calculated separately.

  • Bandwidth OUT $0.10 / GB
  • Bandwidth IN No Charge
  • Minimum 1TB

Company Logo can be placed on Client software on bulk purchase (at Least 25 user License)

Please read SLA for more clarification and details View terms of reference (TOS) or contact our online Chat support agent.

tiers of data center

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Data backup is very important for any organization as well as an individual. Backup especially on a remote location and accessible from anywhere / anytime makes it more valuable.

Auto schedules, encryption, multiple versioning, fast algorithm and cost effectiveness make this service more attractive. Understanding the customer's needs, CubeXS Weatherly has designed a cost effective solution for its valued customers starting at only $0.16/GB. We use a mix of SSD and SAS drives on a High Availability dual SAN architecture and within both the SANs we are individually running Raid 6 to further protect customer's data.

Who can use it?

  • Corporates can keep important backups outside of the office
  • Individuals can keep their Laptop Data, Desktop Data and access it from anywhere in the world
  • Jewelers, banks, shopping centers and SMBs can schedule security camera data to upload from remote locations
  • Hospitals can keep backup of patients' records


  • Pay as you grow
  • Pricing starting at $0.16/GB
  • Secure, fast and affordable
  • You can start with a small storage 100GB only
  • Desktop Client for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Highly scalable and redundant SAN Storage
  • Multi Versioning
  • Restore online ($0.16 per GB)
  • Restore on any media ($0.16 per GB + Media + Shipment Charges)
  • No long term contracts

Access the portal here:

tiers of data center

Cloud Storage

Support and Services


MS Office365 esupport support
24 x 7 Tech Support Email Support
Live Chat Support

CubeXS Weatherly is proud of providing the best Customer Support with multiple agents. Our Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Our highly skilled technical team is equipped with the latest technology and tool sets to provide fast and effective resolution. Auto escalation process is well defined and our Senior Level Engineers are also available for next level support. Our support staff is able to provide you quick response and give you the comfort that your business needs are in good hands.

Available Features

Self-Service Cloud Portal

The self-service cloud portal provides the ability to:

  • Control your virtual compute resources
  • Deploy new technologies in minutes to meet immediate spikes in demand
  • Monitor your workloads to pay for only what you need

Sales Support:

Cloud Storage



Why are our cloud servers better than a VPS?

Typical VPS does not have Per hour billing, Cloning, Instant provisioning, guaranteed resources, scalable, High availability, on demand computing, Redundant dual path architecture just like you would have in a CubeXS Weatherly Data center with SAN Cluster, redundant Switches, redundant Firewalls, redundant Internet connectivity, Dual host connectivity to name a few.

What are Cloud Servers?

Cloud servers help you to provision server resources like CPU, RAM, Hard drives and Software within minutes. Our cloud is billed on hourly basis and is fully customizable with many Linux and Windows distributions. It gives you capability to run most applications as you would in your office or data center.

How am I billed?

Cloud is a utility based model and it is available 24X7X365. You may use it for hours or days and pay for what you use just like you would for any utility.

Do you charge for Bandwidth?

Yes it is free on private IPs within the same data center but there is an additional charge on traffic on the public network.

If my server is in active state but I am not using it, will I still have to pay for it?

Yes, the only way to stop incurring further charges would be to destroy/delete the cloud server. You can however take a snapshot of the server using our cloud storage service before destroying the cloud server so you are able to restore the server by creating a new cloud server and using the stored data.

How am I being charged?

You are charged on hourly basis but monthly charges are shown to estimate your monthly usage in case you want to use the cloud server continuously for a month.

Does CubeXS Weatherly back up my Cloud Server?

No, your Cloud Server does not get backed-up until you configure and schedule backups. However, all hosts and our block storage service runs on a High Availability dual SAN architecture and within both the SANs we are individually running Raid 6 to further protect customer's data.

Can the RAM be upgraded?

It cannot be upgraded within the same plan but you can subscribe a plan with additional RAM.

Can I purchase additional IP addresses?

Additional public IP addresses can be purchased for $0.005/hour for each additional IP address.

Can the storage be upgraded without upgrading the entire plan?

Yes, simply by attaching a new disk.